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A quick overview of Boston’s EdTech landscape

Boston has a strong EdTech sector. It’s not surprising if you consider the local environment comprised by top universities and technological companies. There are 35 colleges in the Greater Boston area densely populated by entrepreneurs, developers and venture capitalists.


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Startups are rising to the occasion by renovating the education landscape. They are following diverse and competitive strategies towards success. Check out the startup lineup by service offerings:

Online educational tools or platforms:

Online test-taking and studying tools for students: Empow LearningLexiaCreatebizBoundlessTestiveEduCanon,Flashnotes

Online educational systems and dashboards:

Some of these companies do have a great potential. Take at the recent fundraising rounds:

  • Socrative: $750K (already 3.2 million teachers and students users).

  • Ellevation: $2.35 million

  • Flashnotes: $3.3 million (has just acquired SF-based NoteUtopia)

  • Honorable mention: the recent acquisition of Lexia Learning Systems by Rosetta Stone for $22.5 million!

What about accelerators for EdTech companies in Boston? Just last year in Boston, LearnLaunchX, opened its doors to over 100 candidates to its program. Stay tuned as we will post soon an interview of Asad Butt, Director of Operations at LearnLaunchX.

By Guest Blogger Guillaume Alliel

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