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France launches an international innovation competition

Up to 20 million € grants for international companies innovating in France!

CaptureFrançois Hollande and Arnaud Montebourg have just announced the start of an international competition based on strategic innovation. By March 2014, the committee hopes to have selected about 100 projects, which will earn a maximum prize of  200,000 € each. To benefit from this, each winning project must work to create a company or subsidiary in France. A second part of this competition will take place late 2014 when 30-40 projects will be chosen (both from the initial selection and others), and earn up to 2 million euros in financing.


The idea is that by 2016, it will be possible to give 20 million to one or two of the most innovative projects each year, and since the funds for this project come from the BPI (Projects d’Investissement d’Avenir), it will not raise costs for taxpayers in any way.

The final goal for this project is to fund major innovations which could be put to market by 2020.

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