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Local Motion Chooses Paris to Advance Car-Sharing In Europe

This American start-up company is all set to revolutionize the approach to mobility using one of the world’s most advanced car fleet management solutions.

The Local Motion uses a connected box installed inside the vehicle
The Local Motion uses a connected box installed inside the vehicle

Thanks to a connected box installed inside the vehicle, employees can use their badge or mobile phone to lock and unlock the doors of any available vehicle in the fleet. No prior reservation is needed. This system makes it possible to manage the fleet in the most efficient way possible and to optimise its use by collecting and analysing real-time data. The compiled information can also help to identify which vehicles could be replaced with electric vehicles.

Founded at Stanford University, California in 2010, Local Motion has been growing in leaps and bounds since 2013. The 5 people it employed in July 2013 have burgeoned to a current workforce of 18, with 10 new hires planned for 2014. The company has just raised $6m from Andreessen Horowitz, a widely renowned investment fund (Skype, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc.).

”A business which adopts car-sharing can cut its costs by 30%,” explains European Development Director Louis Chatriot. This kind of benefit is of huge interest to local authorities and to major groups like Google, General Motors, the City of Sacramento, as well as to the EDF and ERDF Groups in France. “The European market is much larger than the American market, and the mindset in Europe is more likely to accept car-sharing. We chose to establish in the Paris Region for that is where we can find the highly qualified labour we require for our growth,” notes Louis Chatriot. “In addition, it is Europe’s leading economic region, and we want to be close to the key decision-making centres. We are also working with London, which is only 2 hours away by Eurostar.” The budding start-up company has then no intention of leaving it at that, for at a later stage it plans on penetrating the German and Danish markets.

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