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(Event Boston July 1st) Cafe des Sciences: Disruptive Anticancer Therapies by Dr Jean-Pierre Armand

The French Tech Hub is co-organizing a Café des Sciences about disruptive anticancer therapies presented by Dr. Jean-Pierre Armand:

JP Armand

Tuesday, July 1st : 6pm- 8.30pm at CIC, Havana Room,5 th floor, 1 Broadway, Cambridge

 Gustave Roussy strongly believes that small biotech are becoming major players of disruptive anticancer therapies, and that Phase I unit in academic institutions have an active role to support them. Biotech companies and Phase I experts should interact together and initiate collaborations, well before Phase I trials, to accelerate the development of disruptive innovations and boost their chance of success.

Jean-Pierre Armand received the nomination of Chevalier of Legion of honor of French government in 2013. He is a senior oncologist from Gustave Roussy, the 1st European cancer center for early clinical trials with 524 patients and 57 trials in phase I in 2013.

As an expert in very early drug development in phase I and II, Dr Armand will present how phase I units play a major role for biotech’ drug development in oncology by making an investigational targeted agent highly valuable. He will also present illustrative “win-win” partnerships to develop new targeted anticancer therapies.

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