Open Innovation / PRIME News

The growth of the Open Innovation Club

On September 30th Pauline Carmona the new Consul General of France hosted the Open Innovation Club at the wonderful Residence De France.

In attendance were several Silicon Valley leaders and some new comers to the valley.

For those who are not familiar with the Open Innovation Club its main objective is to foster exchanges between members – large companies, institute of research –  and the innovation ecosystem in the Bay Area.

New comers:

Mrs. Carmona’s team new appointees are Philippe Perez as Scientific Attaché and Aurelien Bocquet as Economic Advisor. The following new comers were also greeted:

  • Nathalie Doré, CEO of BNP L’Atelier North America,
  • Jan Van Der Lee , VP, Head of R&D Center EDF Inc,
  • Frederic Gerard, Head Innovation of Winnovation,
  • Ludovic Copéré , Manager of Growth Ventures & Innovation at Sony of America,
  • Guillaume Cabrere, Director of AXA Lab.

New invitees at the Open Innovation Club and well established in the valley were:

  • Aiaz Kazi, SVP of Product and Innovation at SAP,
  • John Absmeier, Director of Delphi,
  • Lior Susan, VP Ventures and Head/Founder of Lab IX,
  • Jean Marc Bailly , General Partner at Aster Capital,
  • Scott Mauvais, Director of Technology & Civic Engagement at Microsoft.

French consulate and PRIME teams at the OIC’s launch

Key Alliance

This was also the occasion to announce a formal collaboration between the Open Innovation Club and the French American Chamber of Commerce in San Francisco allowing members of both organizations to share memberships.

French American Chamber of Commerce in San Francisco What: Who’s Who of French-American commerce and entrepreneurship in San Francisco Bay Area. Contact: Sophie Woodville, Fred Stemmelin.

Upcoming Innovation Events

Smart Factories & Energy Management San Francisco. Caffeet What: Disruption ahead with Who’s who of Smart Factories. Contacts: Stephanie Jumel, Marie Perrine Durot, Pierrick Bouffaron.

Paris Region Business Tour Paris. What: Personal meetings with industrial, scientific, education, economic leaders in four exceptional venues in Paris. Contact: Patrick Consorti

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