Apply to the NVIDIA Early Stage Challenge 2015: $100,000 for the Right GPU-Powered Startup

The Early Stage Challenge is open to seed-funded companies that have raised no more than $1 million in total capital. It is open until January 19,2015.

Applications must use or plan to use GPU technology related to games, visualization, computing, Cloud/Data Center, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, automotive, mobile and others.

All accepted applications:

  • Will be offered a free demonstration space at GTC 2015 exhibition (March 17-20 2015) -You may understand the great value of this demo pod here
  • Will be eligible for the Early Stage Companies on Stage competition (March 18, 2015)
  • Will be eligible for the ECS awards ($100K$ prizes value)
  • Will be invited to the CEO Summit. (March 18, 2015)

12 accepted applications will be selected to present on stage during the Emerging Companies Summit on March 18, 2015.

  • Speakers will be allowed 4 minutes of presentation and 4 minutes of interaction with the judging panel. (You may watch 2014 presentations here)
  • At the end of the presentation the jury and the audience will vote to elect the company that has the highest likelihood for commercial success.
  • The winning company will receive a check of $100,000 USD.
  • Note: The speakers will have to participate in presentation coaching sessions.


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