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Call for startups : Innovation Meet-Up on Smart Home & Connected Building

Tuesday, April 14th 2015

9:00AM – 12:30PM San Francisco

CONTEXT: Currently, less than 1% of homes employ full “smart” technologies. Google’s $3 billion acquisition of Nest made it clear that Internet-connected hardware in the home was a big opportunity. The home becomes a new battleground.

What about innovation in the commercial market? Just by connecting existing systems together, buildings become smarter by using little or no added hardware. Who will want to live or work in a dumb building?

Combination of elements – such as great software, hardware, UI and machine learning in the case of Nest – seems to be the new model for creating innovative and often disruptive solutions. This innovation meetup intends to learn about the expanded capabilities of smart, connected products and the data they generate… and along the way try to understand the competitive transformation taking place. HBR


WHAT: Foster business relationships between startups and corporations in the field of smart home and connected buildings. Bring visibility to the best of French-American technology and Innovation

WHERE: PRIME office 2415 Third Street, Suite 231, San Francisco, CA 94107


  • INNOVATIVE STARTUPS with solutions for smart home and connected buildings. Contact us by March 31st to get the opportunity to pitch!
  • MEMBERS OF THE OPEN INNOVATION CLUB including Denis Giorno, CEO at Total New Energies USA, Jan Van Der Lee Director at EDF Inc. – US R&D Center, Serge Passolunghi, Dir. RENAULT Innovation Silicon Valley, Xavier Wartelle, CEO of French Tech Hub, Marie-Perrine Durot, Deputy Director at PRIME, Philippe Perez, Scientific Attaché at French Consulate in SF, Mia Javier, Senior Open Innovation Officer at Veolia North America, Jean-Francois Rubon, Director Innovation & Strategy at Gemalto, Valerie Issarny at Inria, Frederic Gerard CEO at Winnovation, Alain Tiquet Group Director at NVidia, Julie Shapiro Executive Education Programs, Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley, Nathalie Doré CEO L’Atelier BNP Paribas, and invited guests including Cisco, Schneider Electric, Sony, PCubed, Siemens, SAP, Oracle, Software AG, PG&E, Qualcomm, IBM, Microsoft, GE, Alcatel OneTouch, Orange, Samsung, City of San Francisco, San Mateo County …

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