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Congratulations to Videostitch for raising $2.25M from Alven Capital !

French Tech Hub customer VideoStitch just raised $2.25 million from Alven Capital for its video editing software solution.

VideoStitch develops video stitching software to create Live Virtual Reality Video content. They virtually transport viewers using an Oculus Rift where a multi-lens camera stands. Now, someone can experience a live concert from home, a live news event, a class without the need to physically go there, in full 360° VR first-person perspective.

Kima Ventures and business angels, such as Daniel Marhély, Errol Ginsberg and Laurent Asscher, also participated in today’s round. Videostitch is planning to hire more people and continue developing its impressive technology. Virtual reality headset aren’t the only use case for 360 videos and it’s just the beginning for VideoStitch.

French Tech Hub has supported VideoStitch during its launch in the US with operations services, marketing support and mentoring sessions.

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