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Innovative Solutions for Integrating Renewables Into the Grid – CaFFEET 2015 Techshowcase

CaFFEET, the Californian French Forum on Energy Efficiency Technologies, is an annual 2-day event started in 2011 by EDF, PRIME, French Tech Hub and the Consulate of France in San Francisco.

The event aims to foster technical and scientific collaborations between the U.S. and France. Each year, CaFFEET gathers numerous international experts and leaders from utilities, corporations, start-ups, research centers and academic institutes.

This year’s conference, on September 29th & 30th at The Village in San Francisco, will focus on utilities’ response to climate change and how to integrate renewables into the grid.

PRIME and French Tech Hub have selected a dozen French and American innovative companies to participate in a Startup Tech-showcase. In addition to pitch sessions on Day 1, each startup will have a demo table during the conference for meetings, and more opportunities to interact with potential business partners, customers, corporates or investors during a speed dating session on Day 2. For companies and investors looking to meet with our participating startups, this will be an excellent opportunity to connect.


Some of the startups participating in this year’s tech-showcase include:

  • Dronotec – Drone inspection service and eco-friendly solution to offer a photographic assessment with thermal cameras. The drones are able to identify the defective solar panels and photovoltaic installations difficult to reach or covering large areas.
  • Enertime – Offers solutions for power production using heat sources at low or medium temperature. Enertime offers MW-size turn-key solutions in various applications including Energy efficiency with waste heat recovery on industrial processes.; Geothermal energy ; Renewable and distributed energy.
  • boostHEAT – achieved the fusion of two familiar heating technologies, the boiler and the heat pump. The innovative and patented boostHEAT thermal compression is the basis of this innovation. It allows the development of a new generation of boilers and reduces the consumption from 25 to 60% by the heat pump effect.
  • Helios Exchange – HELIOS Building Efficiency is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform to support the technical and financial underwriting of energy efficiency projects. Helios provides standardized energy analytics and risk assessment solutions to enhance investor confidence in the valuation of energy efficiency projects.
  • Primus Power –  Low-cost, grid-scale electrical energy storage solutions with a safe, scalable, distributed flow battery system that economically serves multiple storage applications.
  • PVComplete – Expedites electrical design by optimizing panel placement, assigning modules to strings, determining wiring requirements, and creating a bill of materials to determine costs. PVComplete seamlessly integrates with AutoCAD, the industry standard engineering/CAD software.
  • Simularity – Specializes in software that does real time artificial intelligence for event prediction, predictive maintenance (Condition Based Maintenance), and anomaly detection.
  • Utility API – Automating the process of getting bill and kWh history out of the utility and into the hands of companies that can use it: solar, storage, and energy management. We pull historical data for residential and commercial customers for use in proposals and financing. Then we can enable continuous monitoring of usage with available interval data.
  • WattGo – Implementation of various tools for the analysis and the data processing of households’ energy consumption, of the functioning of households’ electrical domestic goods, as well as a study regarding connected and intelligent houses.
  • IRFTS – Specialist of the fully building integrated mounting system for photovoltaic installations. IRFTS’s vocation is to find new solutions to make solar technologies available to more people by inventing and producing new photovoltaic systems.
  • Geli – Growing Energy Labs, Inc. provides software and business solutions to design, integrate, network, and economically operate energy storage and microgrid systems. At its core, the Geli EOS (Energy Operating System) is a software platform that brings together energy storage, distributed generation, EV charging, and building controls as part of the Internet of Energy.
  • Defab – Developing smart building solutions via innovative technology that converts IT energy into hot water. Through this new concept, we also provide highly secured IaaS Services for any company in need of IT infrastructure.

For the full agenda and speaker list, see the CaFFEET’15.



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