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Support Buddy Watch’s Kickstarter Campaign – the mobile safety app of the future

During our search for participants to the ALCATEL Onetouch Accelerator Program, we came across many innovative startups.

Our Friends at Buddy Watch are building the one app that connects you with your loved ones when it matters most in Paris, San Fransisco, and beyond! It’s an amazing safety app for people who travel alone that actually detects and responds to emergencies even if you can’t reach your phone – with no hardware required. They just launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the final stages of development and testing, and they are offering early access to the app and discounts on special services exclusively to backers!

It’s the only safety service that uses machine learning and the powerful sensors built into your phone. That means they are using the smartest technology out there to keep you and your family safe, and Buddy Watch is built to be flexible, so it adjusts it’s emergency sensors to your setting as you travel through the world.

The sooner you back the better, because the first 100 backers will automatically get alpha status added to any backing level above $5! That means that you will get exclusive access to the alpha testing round and be one of the very first people on Buddy Watch!


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