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COP 21 Business Tour and Expo in Paris

Paris Region Entreprises is organizing a Business Tour during the COP21 Climate Conference, from December 3 to 9.

This program offers VIP access to the most innovative sites addressing the resource and climate challenges in the Paris Region!

During this business tour, participants will visit the most innovative French sites in energy efficiency, sustainable heating, green mobility and eco-districts:

  • Linky Lab, the first European center dedicated to testing smart electricity meters, managed by ERDF
  • The biomass heating plant of the Paris Charles-de-Gaulle airport.
  •  Blue Solutions operational Center, operated by the Bolloré Group
  • Clichy-Batignolles Eco district

Each tour is free of charge and organized separately.  Transportation to and from Le Bourget is organized by Paris Region Entreprises.

Registration is required due to limited capacities and will be submitted to validation. See the full program and registration details here.

As part of the UN Conference, attendees have access to La Galerie des Solutions, an exhibition hall of low carbon solutions reserved for professionals, in partnership with the General Secretariat of the COP21. The Galerie will present innovative solutions developed and applied by companies, industries or territories that are designed to reduce the impact of economic activities on the climate. Over 20,000 professional visitors are expected.

Paris Region Entreprises is pleased to provide tickets to La Galerie des Solutions. Please contact for the free registration code.

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