PRIME and French Tech Hub are the U.S. entities of the Paris Region Entreprises

PRIME is a transatlantic innovation platform promoting the Paris region as a center of innovation and encouraging American companies and organizations to invest in the Paris region. PRIME offers a series of services and programs fostering transatlantic partnerships: Ambassadorship for French R&D clusters & labs, Open Innovation initiatives for corporations, Learning expeditions for entrepreneurs & top executives. PRIME is a subsidiary of Paris Region Entreprises

French Tech Hub helps French entrepreneurs succeed in the US. French Tech Hub operates as an One-Stop-Shop to provide a large variety of services:  strategy coaching, marketing support, sales enablement, operations and more. French Tech Hub is PRIME’s sister company.

Our blog gives insight on the new trends, ideas and technology coming from two main innovation hubs in the U.S.: Boston and San Francisco. We focus on Smart Cities, Big Data, EdTech, Internet of Things, Digital Publishing and mobility. Get informed on what is hot in entrepreneurship and tech, be inspired by local innovators and successful entrepreneurs, keep track on open innovation initiatives.

PRIME French Tech Hub Team 2015

Olivier Allegret PRIME Business development director. Driven by a passion for innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship ecosystems that are found only in a few major world cities such as San Francisco and Paris.

Helene Andre PRIME Business development & Marketing. Helene likes to spread the word on the most innovative French startups. Enthusiastic about Food Tech and IoT, you will most likely meet her at networking events in San Francisco.

Marie Buhot-Launay: French Tech Hub Business development director. Passionate about connecting people across different countries and industries to create value

Patrick Consorti PRIME Open innovation director. On (hype) diet most of the time; eating Innovation for breakfast keeps him going for the day.

Marie-Perrine Durot PRIME Deputy managing director. Enthusiastic about R&D and innovation; all new ideas that positively impact both people and the environment

Marie Frochen French Tech Hub Senior strategic account manager. Loves art and food. Passionate about the latest tech story that matters, always happy to see others succeed.

Luka Grujic French Tech Hub Business development engineer with a primary focus in performing in depth market research, providing market strategy, and advising on the business development plan to clients within the life sciences industries of medtech and biotech.

Emilie Jessula PRIME Business Development Manager. Emilie is passionate about clean technologies and social responsibility. With a strong international background, she enjoys connecting people and networking around the world.

Maeva Leroy French Tech Hub Account Manager Operational Services. Passionate about innovation. Maeva loves to answer tech companies operational needs and see them succeed!

Manon Laburthe French Tech Hub Marketing Associate. Interested in disruptive tech innovations. Manon loves food and travels.

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